El doble de Thor incendia Instagram!!! #Fotas

Ben Mudge Aka Thor es el nombre de un suculento macho alfa dominante que le moja la pantufla a todas las comadres que ven sus fotas con muy poca ropa y obviamenta con su escultural cuerpa de fuera!!!

Este manjar acuerpado también tiene videas en su canal de YouTube donde comparte dietas y rutinas porque obviamenta se dedica a poner a nuestras comadres con cuerpo de envidia y todo por interneeeet.

Ahora una selección de sus mejores fotas, por cierto, ¿se quedan con él o con el verdadero Thor?

***Read this!!!*** ❗️❗️❗️❗️ …. Quality over quantity❗️ … Lately I have been training in a completely new way. I have been trialling out me new plan which will be released very soon so keep you 👀’s out for that. … It has reeducated me in that fact that you are always better focusing on quality than quantity. In this instance I am taking about training. Why spend and entire session doing one muscle over multiple sets when you can do 1 or 2 high quality sets? I have noticed a HUGE improvement from thinking this way! … Try reducing your workouts and pour all your effort into less sets and see how you feel. … Clothing: @officialbetterbodies #training #qualityoverquantity #lessismore #focus #lessisbess #onlinecoach #fitness #thor

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My 30second transformation! ➖ I have been speaking to my clients a lot recently about realistic goal setting. A lot of people are on social media now. You couldn’t read this without having it. ➖ What you see in social media is the ‘highlights’ of someone’s life. Let’s face it everyone likes to look their best. This is not an unnatural thing. But it had caused a problem when it comes to people’s perception of reality/expectations. ➖ I look some people’s pictures and think why do I not look like that? It’s very harmful to your mind and your body image ➖ What you see here is 10+ years of training. Of which 4-5 yrs I would say I knew what I was doing. You also see hours upon hours of sleep, hundreds upon thousands of calories (including a lot of sweets (Candy), fast food, pizza etc) ➖ Love your journey! Do not let other people’s journeys upset the path of yours.

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