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Manas, ¡qué bochorna! Resulta que varias comadres en redes sociales estaban empapadas luego de que se viralizara un videa donde 5 suculentos hombres hacían sensuales bailes con sugerentes movimientos a 4 mujeres y 1 hombre.

Más allá de que incluyan a su público masculino, el videa se viralizó muy rápido por los cuerpos tan definidos que tienen estos 5 chacales. Se los resumo, este proyecto lleva por nombre “Asian Magic Mike” y está inspirado en la película protagonizada por Channing Tatum.


The wait is over. #AsianMagicMike Share / Like / Comment if you think Asian Men are sexy. #Representation #MagicMike #SexyAsianMen #LeadingMan #Empower #AAPIHeritageMonth

Posted by Somlit on Friday, May 4, 2018

La mente maestra detrás de este ardiente proyecto, no es Sergio Mayer, es una comadre llamada Somlit, quien está haciendo su luchita Villa por entrar al mundo actoral, y parece ser que después de esta idea, muy pronto lo conseguirá.

This project really, really means a lot to me… . A moment to be real about this project #AsianMagicMike. . I’ve had this vision in my head for 3 years. I’ve beaten myself up for 3 years wondering why I didn’t make it happen yet, why have I not gotten in shape yet to do this, what am I waiting on? But I think everything happens for a reason. “Every no is on time, and every yes is on time.” – @ariannabasco__ . And the timing couldn’t have been better to release this. With so much dialogue going on, and so much thirst for representation, I really believe it happens for a reason and that this could potentially grow to provide such great opportunity… . But not only has this project been about the possibilities, but its also been about myself… This project is probably the first instance where I finally decided to take a step forward for myself as the artist I want to be. I’ve been fighting, I’ve been helping, I’ve been growing my skills, but I haven’t been owning myself. I haven’t been shining my own light, and I feel like this small little dance video, is just the first step in owning my art. . As an Asian American, I can dive into such a complex understanding of why we especially have such a hard time accepting ourselves as artists, but this is my moment that I am. I of course want this to uplift so many other voices around me, but I’m learning the more I hold my voice up high first, the more I can help other voices shine as well. . So even though I’m going broke, running on empty, I am just so blessed that I am owning something of mine. Thank you to those who constantly support my journey and uplift my voice. I am forever grateful for your time and belief in me. I sincerely have so much love for you. ❤️ . Now lets get this on Ellen, and in front of Channing Tatum. ✊? . ?: @sheldonbotler

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