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Fallece la amiga de 88 años del actor Chris Salvatore


Manaaaas, se acuerdan que ya les había contado que el actor Chris Salvatore invitó a Norma, su vecina de 88 años, a vivir con él, pues estaba viviend sola con lucemia.

Pues esta inspiradora mujer falleció y el actor compartió una foto de ella con un mensaje muy tierno!!!

“Tal vez el legado de Norma sea que su historia ayudó al mundo a ver el verdadero significado del amor. Norma me recordó que todos estamos creador para amar y todos deseaos ser amados”.

It’s with a heavy heart that I share the news that earlier this morning the world lost a truly inspiring, beautiful woman. Norma is now resting peacefully in the eternal and while she may no longer physically be with us, her spirit will continue to fill the hearts of so many people. Perhaps Norma’s lasting legacy is that her story helped the world to see the true meaning of love. Norma reminded me that we all are created to love and all desire to be loved. This year Norma has reminded us what Valentine’s Day is all about. To love another is not about living struggle free or never experiencing hurt or loss, but to fully and deeply open our hearts to one another without fear. Each of us is lovable even with all of our differences. Love has no boundaries. May you rest in peace my sweet sweet lady, Norma. ❤️

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